Miracle Springs – Hot Minerals Resort & Spa

Desert Hot Springs invites you to enjoy its spectacular mountain and desert scenery, newly-decorated rooms and suites.Book A Room

In the heart of Palm Springs, California lives some of the world’s most beautiful terrain – eternally blue skies, cotton candy clouds, palm trees with fronds that dance on the breeze, and craggy mountains that stretch so tall they have snow atop them year round.

Sitting in the center of nature’s beauty is Miracle Springs – Hot Minerals Resort and Spa. We didn’t create the hot springs Mother Nature did. The earth’s mantle heats the water before it “springs” out of the ground. Because it is heated below the earth’s surface, the water possesses added minerals, which have long been used to improve ailments of the body and mind.

Finding a spa resort hotel in Palm Springs is not hard to do, but if you want to be pampered like a movie star or visiting royalty, Miracle Springs is the place for you. Our newly redecorated rooms and suites surround you in luxurious opulence and a relaxed ease throughout your stay. Our Capri Restaurant serves delicious meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and has an extensive wine list. Enjoy the atmosphere and relish the taste of our fresh and delicious menu items that can be modified to suit your dietary needs.

Imagine the sun’s warmth on your body as you lie beside one of our beautiful pools, the wind whispering in your ear. It is difficult to find a place more beautiful than this. A place of warmth, great weather, beautiful surroundings, and people whose job it is to spoil you.

Of course we could not call ourselves a spa and resort without offering the best part – massages, facials, skin care, manicures, pedicures, body treatments, and hair stylists. An entire team of specialists so you can relax and enjoy your treatments letting go of any tension or stress. After all, you work hard and deserve some pampering now and then.